A little about me


Hi, I’m Christian.

I’m a writer from southern Alabama. I’ve been telling stories ever since the time I tried to convince my mom there was a monster in my bedroom—he drew on the wall, mom, not me.

I’ve been actively writing stories now for a little over a decade. I have a BA in English that focused on Creative Writing. In a few years I’ll go for my Masters in Literature, but not just yet.

I was the Managing Editor of an arts and living publication called Ant Farm Journal which rebranded to become Bellum Magazine. I’ve also worked as the Roastmaster (the head roaster) for a regional coffee supplier inside a haunted coffee house. As as full-time freelance individual I now work in the film industry and make movies. It’s a dream come true.

I usually write fiction, but this blog is a chance for me to explore a different sort of voice, a more honest one—not that there isn’t as much honesty in fiction, just a different kind. My hope is that it’ll broaden my style and strengthen my abilities as a storyteller.

One of my favorite books is The Great Gatsby. It’s the reason I read and write anything at all. If you don’t think it’s one of the greatest books ever written, that’s alright, we can just have a nice, civil discussion about why I’m right and you’re wrong.

I hope you find some things to enjoy here.




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